Editorial Writing

Provocative political opinions from a proud progressive patriot. I don't suffer intellectual dishonesty. I employ reason and I bring receipts.


Proven results in local, regional and national campaigns. Specific experience in cosmetic surgery, interior design, outdoor sports & skin care.

Creative Writing

My written works include a collection of modern love poetry called Aimless Certainties, a dozen short stories and a play or three.


I think there's There are lots of myriad good compelling reasons to higher hire me for your birthday party your next project.

Screen & Stage

I peaked early as a playwright: they put up my first one-act play in high school and it's been downhill since then. I like existentialism and surrealism.

Voice Acting

In middle school, I used to read the morning announcements. Now I do audiobooks, radio commercials and superhero voices for fan films.


Untrained but accomplished baritenor. D2-B4. Can sing pretty much any genre, but at home with rock, jazz and musical theater.

A Cappella Arranging

I founded an award-winning all-male a cappella group while directing an award-winning co-ed one. I missed arranging, so I started doing it again!